The PBscience team recently contributed to the book Performance Cycling: the Science of Success, edited by Dr James Hopker and Dr Simon Jobson. Dan and Helen co-authored a chapter entitled Training with heart rate and power while Helen also contributed a chapter on Coach-athlete relationships. If you want to learn more about the PBscience coaching philosophy this is a good place to start.

Early season time trial build

Early season time trial build, 8 weeks ($49.99 or £30 for pdf)

Early season time trial build, 10 weeks ($59.99 or £35 for pdf)

Early season time trial build, 12 weeks ($69.99 or £40 for pdf)

The most critical period of training for race performance is the specific work you do in the 8-12 weeks immediately prior to your target race. However, in order to make the most of that crucial final window, it is essential to have a comprehensive build up that prepares you to complete the hardest sessions and highest training load in those last weeks. This plan serves that purpose, by increasing the amount of training load you can handle and starting to lift your fitness in the areas that are crucial to time trial success. This means a focus on pushing up your Functional Threshold Power (FTP, or MLSS, lactate turn point etc if you are used to other terminology). This must be done in such a way that you leave a little extra in the tank for the final build - it is important not to peak too soon so this plan offers a steady, progressive increase that will offer a solid and long lasting platform upon which to add your race specific fitness. This plan is the ideal preparation for one our time trial training plans to complete the preparation for your target race or races.

The aims of this plan are to:

1) Continue to build work capacity by including extended riding in zone 3

2) Begin to lift your sustainable riding power by including a large volume of sub-FTP riding

3) Include some high intensity training to prepare for event specific training following this build

It is expected that this plan will typically be preceded by a minimum of 6-8 weeks of base endurance training, or more experienced riders can drop straight into this after a short break following their previous target event.

The plan is based around 3 training blocks, each with a slightly different aim. The time commitment is no greater than 8 hours per week, typically with a longer ride on the weekend and 2 or 3 shorter midweek rides. There is also an optional ride included where appropriate, so that you can tailor the routine if you have more/less time available than expected. This optional session is scheduled for a Saturday but can be completed on any day, provided the extra fatigue does not detract from the other sessions.

The plan contains instruction for using power, heart rate and/or feel to guide the training. Using a power meter will undoubtedly give you an edge when completing the plan but if this is not an option then heart rate and feel (rating of perceived exertion or RPE) are perfectly adequate. Many of the workouts also benefit from use of a home trainer but all can be done on the road if necessary.

The training plans

Our 'Early season time trial build' training plans are for sale through the Training Peaks platform by following the links below. We have used Training Peaks for our coaching since 2008 and believe it to offer the best and most user friendly software on the market. However, we understand that many athletes prefer to use other systems such as Strava, Garmin Connect (NB - Training Peaks can easily be set to autosync with these other platforms) or a traditional paper diary so please contact Dan if you would prefer to purchase a pdf copy of the plan. The only downside to Training Peaks for our European based customers is that transactions are in US dollars but with a favourable exchange rate at the moment we hope that is not too onerous!

Early season time trial build, 8 weeks ($49.99 or £30 for pdf)

Early season time trial build, 10 weeks ($59.99 or £35 for pdf)

Early season time trial build, 12 weeks ($69.99 or £40 for pdf)