Easy-recoveryAim of Session

Optimise recovery after some hard sessions.

Session description

No targets for this ride, one to ease off the legs and any fatigue. You should come back feeling fresher than you started! Keep cadence high to facilitate recovery.


Low-intensity training below 40% of max can be extremely useful in aiding the full recovery of a rider. Recovery aims to return the body to the comfortable, pre-exercise state. Using exercise to help this process is known as ‘active recovery’. During an exercise session, fatigue is often developed through a number of processes occurring within the body. The processes suggested to cause fatigue after high-intensity exercise, often include the build up of waste products. These waste products are not readily removed during the exercise itself. The continuation of exercise during active recovery is based upon simple key principles that allow the gradual removal of these waste products, allowing the body to return to its pre-exercise state. Active recovery enables heart rate, subsequently blood flow and body temperature to remain slightly elevated, providing the fatigued muscles with the oxygen they need to remove the unwanted waste products.

Application for the Rider

Optimising recovery between training sessions/races can be considered of similar importance to training itself. Full recovery ultimately allows for a better output in subsequent sessions or races. To maximise the benefits of some training sessions, it is important that very specific power outputs are achieved. Not being fully recovered prior to these sessions may decrease the quality of the training and cancel out any potential benefits. A recovered athlete trains harder!!

Practicalities and tips!

  • Enter this session with the right mindset - do not consider it training, but instead a session to ready yourself for more training
  • Because of this, do question if completing this session is the best way to recover - taking the day off might be more suitable for you
  • As you ride, consider if you could be riding in a smaller gear (i.e. higher cadence) for the same speed

Evaluation of the session

There is very little to do here. Probably the only thing to check is if you were pedalling with a high cadence, and with a power sitting within zone 1. You shouldn't see ANY powers in the high end of zone 2!