In this section, you will find sessions useful to the rider outside of those targeting fitness development, in other words:

  • testing and profiling current fitness (whether in the lab or out on the road)
  • sessions to help recovery or freshen up for race day

Lamberts_submax_testAim of Session

A pre-training session protocol that allows the coach to assess the balance of fatigue and freshness


Warm-up-1-hour-raceAim of Session

Preparing the rider for a race of one hour using a progressive warm-up and final race pace efforts


Warm-up-20-min-raceAim of Session

Getting the rider ready for a short race effort using a progressive warm-up and intense bursts


Lactate-threshold-testAim of Session

To determine/monitor you Lactate Threshold


Lactate-threshold-testAim of Session

To determine/monitor you Lactate Threshold


8.Ramp-testAim of Session

To determine/monitor your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)


CP_profilingAim of Session

This session allows measurement of your 'power-time' relationship, and estimation of your Critical Power.


FTP-testingAim of Session

To assess your 'functional threshold power', equivalent to the upper power at which you can work under 'steady state' conditions. Often accompanied by a power profiling test.

Power-profilingAim of Session

This series of efforts allows the description of your fitness by getting you to work across the range of fitness abilities i.e. sprint (12s) to short endurance (5 minutes). It is normally accompanied by a test to establish your 'functional threshold power' (20 min  test)


2.Pre-race-easy-with-effortsAim of Session

A low-intensity session to get prepared for race time

Easy-recoveryAim of Session

Optimise recovery after some hard sessions.