Aim of Session

1 minute efforts at MMP designed to improve maximal aerobic power. A session popularised by the reseach of Marty Gibala. 


Session description

WARM UP: Progressively moving from zone 1 to 3 over 15 minutes, included in session duration

MAIN SET: 8-12 x one minute intervals at MMP. 75 seconds recovery between bouts. See Coach comments for number of repeats

COOL DOWN: 15 mins spin, included in session duration


Just like the Burgomaster and Tabata sessions, this is another workout named after the research group who published the paper investigating this session on a group of athlete's fitness (Technically Little was the lead author but 'Little Intervals' somehow doesn't do this session justice!). The study in question showed that 6 sessions spread over two weeks brought about significant improvements (admittedly in non-trained athletes) in power output during short distance time trial performance, as well as improvements in enzyme activity, muscle glycogen storage and other markers of adaptation typically shown from prolonged endurance training. It seems that a short period of high intensity training, triggers the same gene signalling pathways as longer training sessions.

Application for the Rider

This session is very effective when used as a shock tactic - perhaps to break through aplateau in performance. Following the protocol exactly as the authors presented means dropping the rest of you training and just focussing on 6 sessions in a fortnight, this means it is best used before you begin your specific event preparation. Consider using this session around your traditional base training in zones 2 and 3 to elevate your fitness before changing your training emphasis. 

Practicalities and tips!

  • Try to remember to keep pedaling during the rest intervals. Riding, even at a very low intensity, will activate your skeletal muscle pump, helping maintain circulation and ultimately help your recovery.

Evaluation of the session


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