Having performed a lab test, you will be aware of the terms VO2max and MMP (maximum minute power) and how these two landmarks indicate your maximal ability to create energy from the aerobic system. Anything above this intensity is 'supra-maximal' and increasingly relies on anaerobic means to produce energy.

Whilst only a few races are reliant solely on our 'top end' (i.e. events lasting ~4 to 5 minutes like the individual pursuit on the track), training to increase the VO2max and MMP extends our total range - increasing your MMP for example may also 'drag up' your lactate threshold and race pace powers.

Physiologists have shown that our VO2max is controlled by our ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles, so in all these sessions its about increasing the HR as close to maximum as we can.

VO2maxAim of Session

Developing your aerobic capacity, or the maximal ability of your body to take in and use oxygen. 


Top-end-intervalsAim of Session

An interval session designed to improve both VO2max and anaerobic capacity - stolen from Bert Roesems!

Aim of Session

Structured high intensity pyramid session

power-intervalsAim of Session

Short efforts of all-out work designed to boost top end power


Aim of Session

1 minute efforts at MMP designed to improve maximal aerobic power. A session popularised by the reseach of Marty Gibala. 


Aim of Session

Climbing session, where on reaching the top maximum intensity is held over the summit

summit-intervalAim of Session

Climbing session, with a build in intensity towards the summit of each repetition

Aim of Session

Four sets of work at and above MMP - not for the faint hearted, but a great MMP booster!