In endurance races of 1 hour or less, the body is being asked to produce, and maintain a high level of energy turnover. Lactate is one example of metabolic 'by products' being produced by the body at race pace. Whilst a lot of the body's machinery to clear these waste products is developed by working in zone 4 (see section on sustainable power), there will be times when the body needs to work even harder (up hills, into a head wind, chasing down a breakaway).

Zone 5 work is especially useful in preparation for events lasting less than 30 minutes: successful performance means we have to elevate the powers we can work at, particularly as we are so close to our VO2max. Training in this range of exercise intensity helps bring us to a peak before our key races, so should therefore be used sparingly.

target-intervals-1Aim of Session

Efforts designed to lift your current race power to a new level

Race-winning-intervalsAim of Session

A series of initial explosive efforts, hitting sustainable power before ending hard!

Race_simulationAim of Session

A loop with 2 hard climbs, ride the climbs hard, accelerating over the summit

Step-down-intervalsAim of Session

Blocks of sustained effort, decreasing in length, at target race pace

BonderenkoAim of Session

This session is designed to practise hitting a target race pace work going more on feel than using defined target powers


Redline-pyramidAim of Session

A series of blocks working below and above the target race power

Race-pace-blocks-1Aim of Session

Once you've raised your race pace efforts (through "target intervals") we can use these repeated blocks to improve the sustainability at the new power level