Hard hilly

hard-hillyAim of session

A base conditioning ride with the added challenge of getting used to working hard on the hills.


Session Description

WARM UP and COOL DOWN: No warm up or cool down necessary.

MAIN SET: Ride in zone 2 for the majority of the ride but use the hills to push on riding at sweetspot or zone 4 depending on the length of the hill.

Application for the rider

Riders training for road racing or sportives will find this session useful to prepare them for the challenge of 'surging' on climbs in order to stay with a group of riders. There is a natural progression building from the hilly base session, to this session before working on specific controlled work in zone 4 for such as the redline session. Similarly this session is great as an introduction to the rigours of zone 4 training for the less experienced athlete - many athletes find it much easier mentally to work harder when climbing.

Practicalities and Tips!

The difficulty of this session depends on your choice of route - you may wish to start off with a straightforward route with just a few climbs before seeking out the hilliest route you can find in your area.

Remember to keep eating and drinking. Repeated hard efforts will rapidly eat into your muscle glycogen stores - this is coupled with the fact that riding in hilly terrain can make it a challenge to find suitable times to top up your stores.

As well as working on your physiology this is a good session to work on your climbing technique. Practising climbing in and out of the saddle and working at a range of cadences will all help you become more comfortable in the hills.

Evaluation of the session

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