Whilst there are some events that are performed in the lower exercise intensity ranges and therefore rely on endurance, in the main, race performances take place at intensities where there is a challenge on the ability to hold a 'steady state'.

Sessions that work on your sustainable power are therefore critical as part of the build towards the race season. Training in this exercise intensity range (i.e. upper zone 3 and zone 4) helps the body to build the machinery it needs to work at high rates of energy turnover without fatiguing. Essentially, we build tolerance to fatigue in these zones.

Steady-state-intervalsAim of Session

Develop the ability to sustain riding at MLSS or 25 mile TT intensity 


sweetspotAim of Session

Simultaneously developing basic endurance while lifting performance at second threshold. 


redlineAim of Session

A session to work on your lactate clearance mechanisms.

Climb-repeatAim of Session

Development of sustained climbing ability 


Hour-of-powerAim of session

Enabling the rider to become accustomed to riding for extended periods of time at their sustainable power and develop the ability to balance lactate production / clearance


sweetspot-burstsAim of Session

A more advanced version of the sweetspot workout aiming to improve performance at second threshold.



sweetspot-plusAim of Session

An advanced test of your endurance. 


power-pyramidAim of Session

An hour on the turbo taking you up through the power range


hard-hillyAim of session

A base conditioning ride with the added challenge of getting used to working hard on the hills.


EpicAim of Session

An epic indoor workout to use when outdoor training isn’t possible

BuildAim of Session

To build on the base level of endurance by gradually stepping up the intensity and visiting zone 4


sweetspot-cadenceAim of Session

Develop the ability to ride sweetspot intensity at a range of cadences.