BriskAim of Session

To continue developing or maintaining base endurance in race season or when short on training time

Session dsecription

WARM UP and COOL DOWN: No warm-up or cool down required, session duration is total session time

MAIN SET: Ride on the border of zone 2 / 3. A good ride for maintaining endurance during the race season 


Zones 2 and 3 straddle the LT intensity: the region in which exercise begins to rely more on carbohydrate burning. Dipping in and out of each zone by riding 'briskly' will enable the body to be stretched but with less overall stress compared to a solid ride in zone 3.

Application for the Rider

Using zones 2 and 3 in combination is a vital component of endurance fitness development. While the off season might use these types of training in a progressive way, in the race season riding right on the border of the two zones can be a good way to maintain. This type of moderate-intensity training may be prescribed in larger volumes, to give time for the number of adaptations to occur. Spending some good time in the saddle to create a good endurance base will allow a rider to tolerate more intense training sessions that will be prescribed in the race season.

Practicalities and tips!

  • This session often appears as a morning ride in a 'split session day' approach in the race season. Therefore, consider using it as an early morning ride before breakfast (for rides of <1.5h)
  • Ride within 5 to 10W either side of the LT: the most common error is to make the ride a zone 3 ride
  • Often, an undulating route is the best for this type of session as it allows you to climb in the low end of zone 3 and ease off on the descents

Evaluation of the session

  • What is your average power like? Is there equal time spent in zones 2 and 3?
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