The interaction of the bodily systems to improve fitness means we must not only address oxygen delivery (our top end work) and oxygen use (endurance / sustainable power), but also think about how we recruit the appropriate muscle fibres to produce the power. Even for endurance athletes, working on muscle fibre recruitment using 'supra-maximal' efforts can be a key way to improve performance

TabataAim of Session

Multiple 15s efforts at MMP, ideal session for developing aerobic and anerobic ability in preparation for MTB, criterium and cyclocross racing.

Burgomaster-setsAim of Session

Repeated blocks of 30s sprints, effective for anaerobic and aerobic development

hill-sprint-extraAim of Session

All out sprints approaching a climb with a maintenance of max effort

big-gear-burstsAim of Session

Repeated bursts in your biggest gear 

gear-intervalsAim of Session

Sets of all-out sprints in progressively bigger gear separated by easy spinning, simulating accelerations needed for group racing

high-speed-sprintsAim of Session

On a downhill section, sprinting from top speed

power-sprintsAim of Session

All-out sprints at the end of a 1 min high intensity block 

hill-sprintsAim of Session

Uphill sprints at full speed

Aim of Session

All out seated sprints within a zone 3 ride

step-down-sprintsAim of Session

Maximal short intervals descending in length