Dan-alpe-smallIn early 2014 we made the decision to make all our content freely available. No more member login and behind closed doors material. Transferring the material is an ongoing project but here is a summary of what's now available. Keep checking back for new content! Anyone can now access our interactive calculators and our extensive factsheet library. You can also watch our lab testing videos on lactate threshold and VO2max testing. Please contact us if you are interesting in visting us for your own lab test. You can also view more videos from the PBscience archives at our YouTube channel. We have video presentations from our workshops and instructional videos on sports science and cycling performance. If you like what you see hit the subscribe button and stay up to date as we upload new material.

Factsheets: From descriptions of training zones, explanations of the physiology underpinning endurance cycling performance through to the latest on sports nutrition and recovery strategies, and use of ergogenic aids to boost performance - our range of factsheets will provide you with the latest in sport science in understandable and concise language. All documents are available in pdf format for downloading and printing.

Videos and tutorials: a range of videos, including laboratory tests / techniques. We believe these maximise the experience of our PBscience members. By having access to footage of the lab tests, it will help you understand the methods we use, why we test for the chosen parameters and also, perhaps alleviate pre-test anxiety if it is your first visit. We've also spent a lot of time producing a series of video tutorials - from downloading your power output and HR training data to using your online training diary.