VO2max testing

Team in the lab

Perhaps the most reknowned of exercise tests! The 'VO2max' test enables physiologists to measure the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume.

The VO2 max test starts at a low intensity with the resistance gradually being increased until you cannot go any more! By the end of the test, your body will be consuming as much oxygen as it possibly can - measured in litres per minute. We also to take into account your body mass: for the same size engine, a lighter athlete will go faster uphills.

In order to measure oxygen uptake we ask you to wear a facemask throughout the test - you will soon get used to it being there. We also measure power output and heart rate through this test so we get a performance measure and data that can be used to establish strengths and weakness and set your own individual training zones.

PBscience athletes receive VO2max testing:

  • as part of their subscription if on our "Elite 1-2-1 package" (alongside the testing of Lactate threshold)
  • At the beginning of signing up to the Member Plan package

We also offer lab testing for non-members - please email Dan for prices and availability.

The following video gives much more information on what to expect if you book in for a VO2max test