The PBscience team recently contributed to the book Performance Cycling: the Science of Success, edited by Dr James Hopker and Dr Simon Jobson. Dan and Helen co-authored a chapter entitled Training with heart rate and power while Helen also contributed a chapter on Coach-athlete relationships. If you want to learn more about the PBscience coaching philosophy this is a good place to start.

Elite 1-2-1 (£150 per month)

Tony Etape

Our elite 1-2-1 coaching package is a no holds barred approach to helping you get the most out of your sport. If you need regular contact with your coach and are looking to explore every aspect of your preparation then this is the service for you. Lab testing, bike fit, event support, nutritional advice are all provided as well as the more onbvious aspects such as training plan design and feedback. If you have a burning desire to achieve your goals for the coming season then one to one coaching offers you the best chance of meeting your objectives.

Fitness testing and consultations

Team in the labStarting on the Elite package, you will meet with a member of the PBscience coaching staff for your initial fitness testing (tests are performed for lactate threshold and VO2max). This allows us to benchmark your fitness but also to set those all important training zones. After the test, you will receive a report on the data, explaining what it all means in easy to understand language - anything you don't understand your coach will be happy to explain. The coach will then set about creating a fully individualised training programme tailored to your test results, racing season aims, and your lifestyle commitments - all refined from your feedback. We consider this team effort vital in the coach-athlete relationship.

Other key features that keep us ahead of the competition:

  • Training Peaks premium subscription included - the latest in online training diaries which enable the coach and athlete to monitor training plans and progression
  • Your exercise testing is included in your package price. Tests are scheduled for key times in the year, typically to coincide with beginning or end of a new training block
  • Daily email support through the online training diary system
  • Weekly telephone support from your coach and face to face meetings where practical
  • Attendance on PBscience events (e.g. camps and workshops) at discounted rates

A relationship based on trust


This service is supported by staff working at the cutting edge of sport science research. If you like the sound of this package, email us for more details on how to sign up.

Athletes working with us on the 1-2-1 coaching plan have achieved many notable successes over the years. Some of our most satisfying results have not resulted in podiums and championship medals, progress is very individual and not all of us have the chance to reach the pinnacle of the sport. IT has long been a motto of PBscience that "you may not be a professional athlete but you can still have a professional experience in preparing for your event". That said some of our notable successes:

  • Nic stage 6 victory salute Ras 2012An Post Ras champion and stage winner
  • Nationals vets 24hr TT champion
  • 6th place pro Ironman Hawaii
  • Multiple Haute Route finishers
  • 50+ Etape finishers ranging from first timers to 3rd place overall
  • Leadville 100 finisher
  • Multiple European and Worlds age-group duathlon medals
  • Numerous road race license upgrades
  • TT PBs over all distances
  • Running PBs over all distances