We have two cycle coaching packages to suit athlete needs and budget. Take some time to think about our coaching philosophy - to get the most from working with the PBscience coaching team it is important that you agree and 'buy in' to the same philosophy. You can read a little about Dan and Oli's background but please also take a read of the blog and check out the resource library for more information on the approach we take in our coaching. Finally, please feel free to email Dan if you'd like to ask any questions or if you'd like to be put in touch with some of the athletes we currently coach. If you find that it ticks all the boxes for what you want in a cycling coach then pick the package that best suits your needs. There is no hierarchy to the packages; the right level of service for you depends on the type of relationship you want with your coach and how much responsibility for your training you wish to have. Click on the links below for more details.


Elite 1-2-1 (£150/month)

The training plan for dedicated individuals. The elite plan is the best in 1-2-1 cycle coaching, and offers so much more than a training plan. An opportunity for you to build a coach-athlete relationship you can trust.

Member plan (£75/month)

Athletes on the Member Plan are expected to take more responsibility for the day to day running of their training programme. However, the Member Plan does provide a taster for the kind of offering PBscience can give and all the information you need to make decisions is in the PBscience resource library and the dedicated Member Plan section of the website.


Training plans

If you're looking for some help structuring your training but without regular coaching support, or if you're on a limited budget but still wanr some help to get the most from your training time then our training plans can help. Check out our Training Peaks plans if you want something 'off the peg', or email dan if you'd like a bespoke plan based on an in depth consultation and optional lab test.