Tuesday, 25 August 2009 10:00


With a change in ownership, PBscience needed a change in identity: nothing too drastic, but certainly the move out of the University of Brighton needed to be reflected. So, its meant the best part of 10 days being driven 'underground'. working away in my office, avoiding temptation of sunny days outside, and keeping motivation even when it does take an hour to work on website detail that only I can see!


As a child growing up, there were two things that I remember my Mum conveying (okay, 3 if you count "don't go out with your hair wet"): Firstly, that "patience is a virtue", and secondly, that "discipline" is a necessity to get anywhere in life. People who know me well understand that the second factor isn't something I struggle with....needless to say, that means the first is something I have to work on! In the past fortnight, my patience has been tested - the whole process of building the business has shone a light on my "I want it now" attitude. As an athlete, I learnt to curb that; understanding that being patient, being gentle on myself would lead to greater rewards and ultimately a less stressful existence. Seems like I am learning that lesson all over again.

Take the weekend: another part of my re-branding work is to get my two vehicles ready - stripping the car down of its old logos and applying the new ones; and readying "Mobie", the mobile lab for his new 'coat'. I anticipated an hour's worth of work Sunday afternoon - so when that became 4 hours of peeling, I wondered what on Earth I had let myself in for!

Likewise, having never washed a motorhome before, I did not contemplate the hassle of doing so: finding a car wash is not an option for a vehicle of that size! Thankfully, the DIY hose and brushs at Tesco did the job, but again, another hour - I didn't think this was in the job spec of a sport scientist / cycle coach? Every day it dawns on me how being an entrepreneur in the early stages is about doing everything yourself....

Not entirely true, as I have had great fortune in establishing some great support. I have to say a BIG thank you this week to two of my athletes: Juliette for her time investment in making sure the PBscience cycling kit will boost my marketing efforts; and to Paddy for HIS patience during the application of Mobie's new coat.


Just about 5 weeks until the official launch of the new PBscience - I know I have to be patient and get into the day to day process: if nothing else, I see an awful lot of things to do on my list so I can't wish time away!

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